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Video Game Icons
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Hello all, and welcome to Squaresoft Icon, a community dedicated to the creation of icons from all videogames. (Yes, we do note the irony.)

  • This is a community ONLY for videogame graphics; don't post anime graphics WITH videogame graphics, please.
  • Graphic requests are allowed, as long as they have to do with VG graphics.
  • Posts with external links to icon posts should still follow the community rules as far as what is shown as a teaser. The outside posts must not be friendslocked or require viewers to join a community before they can see the icons.
  • Don't ask for help on how to make icons or do effects; please visit icon_help for that.

  • Please don't make an introduction only post. You MUST have icons/graphics included if you are making a post.
  • Please don't post graphics only to show them off to people. That can be done in your own journal. Any graphics posted in this community should be ones free for others to use.
  • Please don't post links and advertisements to other communities unless approved by one of the mods. Communities such as vg100 are exceptions, as the icons for those were made for a specific purpose.

  • Please be polite. The expression of opinions is fine, but don't be so trollish that you get a mob out for your head.

  • Please don't post icons made with fanart unless you've received explicit permission from the artist to use his or her images for graphics. This includes Japanese fanart - if you can't contact the artist, you do not have permission to use the artwork.
  • If you are using artwork from doujinshi, please label it as such so that the mods may be sure you are following the rules.
  • If one of the mods is mistaken about an image you are using, please correct him or her. Just be sure to provide a link to the source of the official image.

  • If you have any questions regarding the rules or whether a post will follow them, please contact one of the moderators.

    Posts that do not follow the rules will be given one warning comment. If they are not changed to follow the rules after 24 hours, they will be deleted. If you violate the rules multiple times you will face the possibility of having your posts deleted without a 24 hour warning or being banned.


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